StrongBack is one of the most trusted, proven and economical methods of structural repair and reinforcement. Choosing StrongBack can often negate the need for re-pouring structural concrete, replacing iron work, or complicated grafting and welding approaches. StrongBack is widely used in the repair and lifespan extension of bridges, towers, pilings, piers, and offshore platforms.

StrongBack adheres strongly to steel, copper, PVC, gel coat, galvanizing and most other engineering materials. As a reinforcement solution, it can be used to wrap concrete footings and pilings, above, below, and at the water line. StrongBack’s great strength, load transfer capabilities, ability to conform to irregular shapes, and long lifespan make it an excellent solution for structural reinforcement applications. StrongBack can be used to encapsulate, seal and protect other repairs.

While StrongBack’s water activation and wet-layup application means that it is at home in the water, it is not limited to use in the marine, energy and infrastructure sectors. StrongBack, as a repair and reinforcement solution, is a long-term and cost-effective solution wherever structural metal or concrete is in use.

StrongBack is ideally suited to adverse environmental conditions and applications where less-than-perfect surface preparation is possible. When proper installation procedures are followed, mud, water, snow and ice will not interfere with StrongBack’s effectiveness or compromise the integrity of the repair. StrongBack is in use today in climates ranging from permafrost to equatorial jungles and deserts.


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