StrongBack is the most cost-effective, fastest, and most versatile pipe and structural composite repair and remediation system available today. StrongBack is the clear choice of experienced engineers throughout the world.


The StrongBack system has been extensively tested and continuously improved for more than 25 years. It is currently used in more than fifty countries and the widest range of adverse environmental conditions. StrongBack is standards-compliant with ASME PCC-2 Articles, B31.3, B31.4 and B31.8 and ISO-24817. NIXUS International Corporation is ISO-9001 certified.


StrongBack installs quickly and has an extremely long effective lifespan. Because no hot work is required, StrongBack application does not require that the pipe be removed from service. StrongBack is at home in the water and underwater applications can usually be accomplished without the need for (and expense of) a dry habitat.


The StrongBack system was designed specifically to repair and reinforce very high pressure vessels. StrongBack’s proprietary design transfers the hoop stresses from the damaged pipeline to the composite StrongBack sleeve. Extensive creep testing has indicated that the long-term (25 year) load carrying capacity of the StrongBack tape is in excess of 50% of its static strength. Extrapolated test data suggests an effective life of 50 years or more.


StrongBack is equally well-suited to structural repair and reinforcement applications. Its high-strength and long life makes it ideal for patching, leak sealing and reinforcement both above and below water. StrongBack is non-conductive up to 16,000 volts making it a very effective dielectric insulator. StrongBack provides highly-effective anticorrosion protection in the atmosphere, buried, and underwater. StrongBack easily conforms to irregular shapes and can be used in a broad range of circumstances.


A StrongBack repair can be achieved in a single, fast step and without the need for special tools or extensive training. The StrongBack GS-154 compound is applied with simple putty knives or straight-edge glue spreaders, and mixing ratios are very “forgiving”. StrongBack is ideal for installation where less-than-perfect surface preparation is possible. When proper installation procedures are followed, mud, water, snow and ice will not interfere with StrongBack’s effectiveness or compromise the integrity of the repair. StrongBack conforms to U.S. Department of Transportation regulations and can be quickly delivered by passenger commercial air carrier to any point in the world.


StrongBack is a product of NIXUS International Corporation—world leaders in corrosion control and pipeline remediation products, enzyme enhanced oil recovery (EEOR), and consulting services for the water, gas, oil and petrochemical industries. StrongBack customers receive the highest level of technical support and customer service before, during and after the sale.


StrongBack application requires minimal personal safety gear, can be conducted quickly in a single step, and requires no hot work.

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