Compromised, corroding, and deteriorating pipelines represent one of the greatest challenges to the safe, cost-effective, and efficient operation of drilling, transfer, storage, and refinement activities in the oil, nature gas and petrochemical sectors. Public utilities such as water works and natural gas face similar challenges.

StrongBack composite reinforcement products provide for fast, economical, strong, and long lasting reinforcement of degraded pipe. StrongBack’s wet-layup application and water-activated resin allows pipe to be reinforced without the need for welding or hot work. This drastically reduces the risk of mishap and allows the pipe to remain in service, with no interruption to normal operations.

StrongBack can be a permanent, high strength alternative to metal Sleeves, welding and other mechanical repairs. Installation can be completed in minutes and without requiring any special tools. A high post-cure strength is achieved by the material’s inherent strength, physical characteristics and a complete fit-up integrity and conformity between the reinforcing wrap and the pipe.

The StrongBack Composite Systems consists of just two (2) components, the GS epoxy load transfer/coating agent and the StrongBack Tape. The epoxy coating is applied over the damaged or corroded pipe surface. StrongBack tape is then wrapped over the epoxy, either circumferentially over itself or in a helical pattern if the repair length is extensive, curved or oddly shaped, to the predetermined number of plies. This combination of products transfers the hoop stresses from the damaged pipeline to the composite StrongBack sleeve.

StrongBack is ideally suited to adverse environmental conditions and applications where less-than-perfect surface preparation is possible. When proper installation procedures are followed, mud, water, snow and ice will not interfere with StrongBack’s effectiveness or compromise the integrity of the repair. StrongBack is in use today in climates ranging from permafrost to equatorial jungles and deserts.


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