Abrasion Prevention with StrongBack

StrongBack’s strength and long lifespan make it well-suited for use as a cost-effective abrasion prevention measure.

Abrasion poses a risk to pipelines and structures above ground, below ground and at sea. Above ground abrasion risks include wind borne abrasives, vegetation and even animal life. Below ground, pipe is subjected to thermal expansion and contraction, bringing it into abrasive contact with rock, roots and soil. At sea, continual abrasion by flotsam, jetsam and marine debris can deteriorate platform risers, pipes, footings and pilings.

StrongBack is ideally suited to adverse environmental conditions and applications where less-than-perfect surface preparation is possible. When proper installation procedures are followed, mud, water, snow and ice will not interfere with StrongBack’s effectiveness or compromise the integrity of the repair. StrongBack is in use today in climates ranging from permafrost to equatorial jungles and deserts.

View a Typical StrongBack Installation